Jeep Patriot / Way-Beyond Trail
Interactive choose-your-own-adventure feature film where players help decide the plot. Cannes Shortlist. Project of my career.
Pitch for Disney's retail destination.
Oscar Mayer / Tweet2Lease
World's first ever car launch on Twitter. Even better, the car was the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. One Show Finalist.
Lunchables / Fully Uploaded
Ridiculously integrated campaign highlighted by a ten-episode online series, all starring Rob Dyrdek and featuring YouTube master Freddie Wong.
Olive Garden Breadstick Bouquet
Valentine's Day bouquets. Made out of breadsticks.
The SPARKS come out at night.
Kool-Aid Man has an answer for everything. And it's always the same answer.
With so many points to earn with Zaxby's new loyalty program, it feels like a challenge to collect as many as you can.
Capri Sun
Fully realized, fully integrated campaign, born out of our idea that won the new business pitch. TV, print, digital, social, etc.
Lunchables Kabobbles
Full digital ecosystem that lets kids mix up the fun with videos, fun-as-all-get-out apps and an addictive game.
Quintana Roo
Triathletes are a special breed. And no one understands them like Quintana Roo.
Lunchables / Never Be Bored Again
Interactive experience where kids can design their own dream sport court, tree house or media room.
Olive Garden
All the Olive Garden.
Alcoholics Anonymous
What is the true cost of alcoholism?
Dodge Caliber
Animated webisodes that introduce the world to the Dodge Caliber. It's not as harmless as it looks.
Capri Sun / Legend of the Golden Pouch
Multi-level game played entirely through webcams.
Six Flags
Reminder: there's no feeling like spending a day at Six Flags.
Social Content
Sampling of social content for Kool-Aid, Lunchables and Capri Sun.
Dumb stationery. Made by me.
My life as a novice woodworker.
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