I like to pretend that I’m still that 16-year-old, Ed Templeton-worshipping skater trying to nail another new trick. But I’m not. As my driver’s license and two teenagers would attest to. But I am still inspired by that 16-year-old me. 

Just like there was nothing like landing a 360-kickflip then, there’s nothing like cracking a brief, a headline or an edit now. And if it takes me a hundred tries like it did then, so be it.

As much as I love to make things, I find just as much joy in managing teams, building strong client relationships and helping our clients grow their business. 

I’ll choose smart work over a cheap laugh any day, I’d love less talking and more doing and the hill I’m willing to die on is that if Public Enemy, NWA and Tribe Called Quest came out today, they would completely change the game. Thirty years ahead of their time they were.

When I’m not working, I’m…working. On a screenplay (very cliché, I know). On another woodworking project (pretty cliché, I know). Or on my dumb stationery brand (not cliché at all, if you ask me).

And when I’m really not working, I’m spending time with my wife and two kids. Most likely at a baseball diamond or volleyball or basketball court.
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