Over the years, I've led social content development on Lunchables, Kool-Aid, Capri Sun and Capri Sun Big Pouch across Facebook and Twitter.

When it comes to social, I strongly believe that people only stop (for a second and half) and pay attention to things in their feed that entertain them. If it's from a brand, cool. But they don't seek it out just because it's from a brand.

A few samples below.

(Capri Sun and Kool-Aid)

CD: Jayson Szott
Writer: Jeff Beck
Art Director: Jody Spychalla


CD: Jeff Bossardet
CD/Writer: Jayson Szott
Writer: Mike Niemczyk
Art Director/Illustrator: Mark Wetzel

Lunchables launched a new product extension for teens. They went with a campaign that basically boiled down to "Malcolm McDowell doesn't get it and we're okay with that." During the TV shoot, we captured content for social. A few of those videos...

GCD: Doug Behm
GCD: Todd Brusnighan
CD/Art Director: Jeff Bossardet
CD/Writer: Jayson Szott
Art Director: Mark Wetzel
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