The Ask
Hijack the Super Bowl without a Super Bowl budget.

The Answer
The world’s first new car launch on Twitter. Even better, it was for the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. 

We partnered with Motor Trend for a couple teaser Tweets before we released a video debuting the all-new Wienermobile. We then invited everyone to Tweet back at us why they deserved a day with the Wienermobile.

The Response
2.5MM views in just two days.
100MM total earned impressions.
8,500 entries to lease.

Picked up by press everywhere including USA Today, Jalopnik, WSJ, Ad Age and Adweek.

One Show finalist.
Case Study
Teaser Tweet
Launch Tweet
Reveal Video

ECD: Adam Wilson
CD: Pete Noback
CD: Paul Janas
Art Director: Jeff Bossardet
Writer: Todd Brusnighan
Writer: Mike Roe
Writer: Jayson Szott
Directors: Adam & Dave, Arts and Sciences
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