The Ask
Create a program that lets kids mix up the fun online like they do with Lunchables Kabobbles.

The Answer
A digital hub featuring a game, downloadable mobile apps and videos that all deliver on the idea of mixing up the fun. 

The Response
Became the lead new business case study for the agency’s “One Agency” model. 

FWA Site of the Day (Kabeat Kabox app)
Cannes shortlist (K-Catch game)
Online Videos
The Kabobulator, home of games, apps and videos.
The K-Face app let kids take pictures of themselves then manipulate them (or, kabobble them) with tons of distortion filters and graphic add-ons.
The Kabeat Kabox app let kids create their own songs by remixing an endless combination of prerecorded tracks, sounds and instruments, starting with a word or sound they recorded.

ECD: Adam Wilson
CD/Art Director: Chris Kloet
CD/Art Director: Jeff Bossardet
CD/Writer: Rob White
CD/Writer: Jayson Szott
Art Director/Designer/Illustrator: Mark Wetzel

Video Director: Chris Woods, Hungry Man

Site/Game/Apps Dev Partner: Firstborn
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